Just imagine the height difference between Sasuke and Sakura in the new movie! Every kiss they share, whether on the lips, forehead, or cheek she’ll have to always be on her tippi toes to reach him and him being the gentleman that he is, he’ll always bend his head down for her.


To be honest, I have mixed feelings about Bethyl. Like.. I like it (I think?), it’s sweet. But, I also like Caryl and think that’s also sweet.

Bethyl is sweet because Beth is innocent, and Daryl’s damaged, and they could fit together perfectly. (I think it’s just the age difference that throws me off.)

Caryl is sweet in that mature way. Caryl is damaged in her ways, Daryl in his, also. They understand each other.

I just feel like it can go both ways, and either Carol or Beth have to die or have another romantic interest for the Bethyl/Caryl ships to survive.

Like I used to just be about Caryl, but then in the 4th season that opened a new door for another ship.. but.. I don’t know LOL.


"Brothers until the end" ♡


Is anyone else upset about Michonne’s katana being left in Terminus

I get shit done, son!
- Carol Peletier, basically (via thatchickwholikesbooks)

N O        S A N C T U A R Y 

And let thy name be lady badassery.

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